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Blueticks is a Chrome extension to schedule WhatsApp messages easily and boost your productivity.

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December 15, 2022
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Upgrade your business

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Simply schedule one-time or recurring messages that arrive exactly at the right time.

One-time or recurring Repeat every day/week/month Send yourself reminders

Quickly send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages. You can even personalize and schedule them.

Unlimited recipients Personalized messages Import from Excel / CSV

Organize your to-do lists with each customer, and easily convert messages to tasks.

For contacts and for groups Attach images and files Convert messages to tasks

Work anytime, anywhere

WhatsApp Scheduler

Middle of the night? Schedule the message for the morning.
Remind your suppliers to send the invoices at the end of the month.
Freelancer? Send payment reminders and always get your money on time.
Use recurring "Good morning!" daily checkups for your team members and colleagues.
Send clients "Happy birthday!" and offer a birthday discount.
Overcome time differences in distant countries.
Does a client can't talk right now? Schedule a message for later.

Boost your marketing

WhatsApp Campaigns

Send a message to unlimited recipients - no need to save them as contacts!
Get your customers attention - WhatsApp has 99% open rate
Personalize each message with names and other personal details
Schedule a marketing campaign 5 minutes before an important sports event
Promote your product by announcing new features and special sales
Import recipients from Excel / CSV or select specific groups of contacts
Works in background - Keep using your WhatsApp and your browser while sending

Become more productive

Task Management

Client sent you "don't forget to"? convert the message into a task!
Manage your to-do lists for contacts and for groups.
All the tasks for clients appear inside the chat window.
Work together with your colleagues and clients on the tasks.
Need to remember extra info? add images and files to tasks.
Always finish your projects on time - set reminders on your tasks.
Delegate to teammates - set an "owner" to each task.

Built just for you

Lifetime Support

Everybody needs some help - we’re here for you by email. Sometimes we video chat.

Lifetime Updates

You’ll be getting some updates and cool features during your entire subscription.

Secure & Private

Your messages, numbers, contacts and chats are not stored on our servers at any time.

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Start using Blueticks today for free, and unleash the full potential of your business.

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Get things done

Make your business come alive with consistent growth and booming engagement.

Reach your customer directly, and get personal - WhatsApp has 99% open rate!

Blueticks is simple and intuitive so you can follow up with clients directly via WhatsApp, or do daily checkups for your team members.

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Subscribing to Blueticks was probably the most important decision I made this year.
Manuel, Brazil
A friend recommended to me - I never thought something like this can exist!
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The support team is incredible, always answering questions. I love it.
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This extension literally made me extra money because I can do many things at once.
Marco, Italy

Simple Pricing Plans

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Schedule 1 message at a time
Up to 4 tasks per contact / group
Unlimited campaigns (with branding)
Unlimited Email support


$3 Per Month
Schedule unlimited messages
Up to 4 tasks per contact / group
Unlimited campaigns (with branding)
Unlimited Email support


$15 Per Month
Schedule unlimited messages
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited campaigns (no branding)
Unlimited Email support

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